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Have a broken or chipped windshield and not sure who to call? 

Call a trusted industry professional at Auto Glass Mart San Diego to help you get you get a quote in no time. Looking for same day service at the most affordable possible price?  We have you covered! Fill out the form to the left and we will get back to ASAP!

Auto Glass Replacement San Diego

If you need your windshield replaced, call Auto Glass Mart in San Diego.  Auto Glass Mart is #1 in auto glass replacement in San Diego for quality, convenience, and cost.

There’s never a “good” time for windshield damage to occur. You tell yourself you'll get it fixed, but then it seems impossible to make the time to get your car or truck into the shop!  Don’t wait and risk your safety and those of your loved ones by driving around San Diego with a cracked or poorly installed windshield. Call Auto Glass Mart today!

FREE Mobile Service for Auto Glass Replacement in San Diego County!

We offer Free Mobile auto glass replacement.  That's right, we come to you while you are at work or hopefully at home relaxing.  Whether it is National City, CA, El Cajon, CA or even all the way up to Oceanside and Escondido, we come to you at no charge.  Serving all of East County San Diego, North County San Diego, and the city of San Diego we are happy to come to you and get your car windshield replaced at the best price in the San Diego County area!

We strive to make your experience the best possible all while saving you money.  Our process is simple, just give us a call or send us an email and we will get you an instant quote and provide the best price on auto glass in the San Diego are!  At Auto Glass Mart San Diego, we understand that your car is likely one of your largest investments and when replacing your auto glass, that is exactly how we will treat it.  Our auto glass experts are highly trained and have experience with a variety of makes and models, from luxury auto glass to classic car auto glass, we can get you back on the road in no time at the cheap auto glass price you expect!  Contact us today for a FREE auto glass estimate.

Our Inventory

At Auto Glass Mart San Diego we have been in the windshield replacement and auto glass business for years!  We have relationships with many local vendors and have a large inventory for all makes and models immediately available.  We understand that you need your car in working order, so we strive to put together processes to get you back on the road as fast as possible.  This is exactly why we have one of the largest windshield inventories in San Diego and most customers can have their windshield replaced the same day they call!

Our Process

Most people don't expect themselves to be replacing a windshield or auto glass and we understand that it is often times and unanticipated cost to your family.  This is exactly why we are as transparent as possible about our costs and processes.  Did we mention that we have the best prices in the San Diego area?!?!

Our process is as follows.

  1. Customer contacts us by phone or the contact form on the website.
  2. At this point, we give an instant on the spot quote to replace your auto glass.
  3. Once we have customer approval for windshield replacement whatever auto glass needs replaced we will then give you an estimated time that the technician will arrive.
  4. Once the auto glass replacement technition arrives, they will call you to let you know they have arrived and then find the most convenient place for you to replace the glass at your location.
  5. Once the auto glass replacement process is complete. technician will give you some tips on caring for the new glass and collect payment for the service at that time.
  6. After the service is over, if you have any issues at all, just reach back out and we will be happy to help.  We stand behind our work!

Auto Glass Mart San Diego, California – Trusted Industry Auto Glass Experts

windsheild replacement San Diego

Review from San Diego, CA

"I was looking for cheap windshield replacement in san diego and stumbled on Autoglass Mart. These guys were great from start to finish! I got an immediate quote on my auto glass that was almost 1/2 of some of the other quotes I received when calling around. Best part is I just sat at work while they did the job in the parking lot so it didn't require any sitting around a shop and then having to make up work later. If you are looking for windshield replacement in San Diego, give these guys a call. Highest recommendation!"

-Nick B (San Diego, CA)


Review from El Cajon, CA

"This is THE place for a mobile windshield replacement. I phoned them at 8:00 am when they open. Quoted me the lowest price I had found. A polite and professional technician was at my door in two and a half hours, and in a little more than an hour the job was completed. There is a lifetime warranty that comes with the work. Great job, no stress."

-Faith D (San Diego, CA)


Mobile Auto Glass Replacement FAQs

Areas We Serve:

1. Oceanside

2. Vista 

3. San Marcos

4. Escondido

5. Poway

6. Santee

7. Lakeside

8. El Cajon

9. Santee 

10. Kearny Mesa

11. Encinitas

12. Del Mar

13. Mira Mesa

14. San Marcos

15. Sorrento Valley

16. University City

17. Clairemont

18. Carmel Valley

19. Del Mar

20. Rancho Santa Fe

21. Rancho Bernardo

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A damaged windshield is much more of a hazard than simply being an eye sore.  Airbags are designed to deflect off the windshield.  If your auto glass fails or pops out due to improper installation, you lose that vital protection.  Also, an intact windshield is crucial to the overall safety of your car structure. Generally providing around half of the support strength in a rollover accident! In many cases, such as the following, insurance companies insist on replacing a windshield rather than repairing it.

In addition to safety many states, including California have laws that dictate whether or not you must replace a damaged windshield.  In San Diego, the laws require that you can not drive with a damaged windshield that obstructs your view.  While of course, this is up to the discretion of the law enforcement personnel that inspects the windshield it is always best to replace your windshield or auto glass if you are not sure and want to avoid a costly citation.  To learn more about windshield laws in San Diego, CA visit this site.

You should replace your windshield if it has any of the following:

  • cracks or chips near the edge of the windshield
  • cracks longer than a certain length, usually around 3 to 6 inches
  • cracks that radiate in several directions
  • more than 2 or 3 cracks or chips

Even for-profit insurance companies recognize that it’s worth spending the money now to avoid the risk of future damage and injury as a result of a faulty windshield or auto glass!

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Auto Glass Mart San Diego

We’re known throughout the San Diego for our fast, professional, and competitively priced services.

Our professionals at Auto Glass Mart have worked with just about every make and model vehicle. We will match the factory tint and shade (although not after market tinting) with your other auto glass so that everything looks right.  Your new windshield will have whatever defogger / defroster your old one did, and we’ll make sure that everything is connected and working properly.

At auto glass mart San Diego we have years of windshield replacement experience. Why does that matter? First, we have relationships with auto glass distributors throughout San Diego county that will allow you to not only get your vehicle in and out fast, but also get the best prices on auto glass in the San Diego area. Additionally, our technicians have just about seen it all. We have worked on almost all makes and models of cars and are up to date on the newest advances in auto glass technology, so you can trust that your automobile is in good hands.

Lifetime Guarantee

We understand that your car is likely one of the biggest investments you have.  This is exactly why we offer a lifetime guarantee of all windshield replacement and auto glass replacement jobs that we complete.  If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your auto glass installation, just let us know and we will make it right. While this is a very rare scenario, we truly want to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the work we do.  This is exactly how we have built a business, by creating a long list of satisfied windshield replacement and auto glass replacement customers. We always appreciate the business and want to make sure your car is safe and looking great on these busy San Diego freeways!  Ask about our lifetime guarantee, when you call or contact us via the website.

You Can Trust Us

Our experts at Auto Glass Mart are industry experts with a track record of satisfied customers. Give us a call today for a FREE quote and high quality service only found at Auto Glass Mart.

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